Great Chinese Firewall From Beijing, China

Chinese and Social Media

Not many foreigners know about it. But when it comes to social media, the Chinese are absolutely crazy about it. You don't see them chatting on Twitter or sending messages on Facebook.

undefinedThere is an obvious reason for that. One is the one that everyone knows, they are blocked. But that's not the main reason at all.

Even if they would be unblocked, most Chinese would go to Chinese internet services fore their daily social fix. One must understand, that China is like one big community. Also known as a collective society. There people are not seeking for individualistic ideals, that's the very exact reason why the Chinese social mediums are much more attractive to locals. And will continue to be for along time to go.

It's not America, at least for quite more years if the government keeps on with it's policies.

Riccardo Chiappa

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Beyond VPN for Passing Firewall

VPN is not always the best solution, as it can be blocked in China at least temporarily.

undefinedEspecially during the times of big parliamentary meetings held in Beijing, the use of internet gets more and more strict. So people have adapted and found even more ways to go around the issue. I would highly recommend "Shadowsocks", which is a type of proxy that is designed in passing firewalls. It's also better in mobile use, as if you get disconnected (which is something that happens a lot in ordinary internet use in China), it doesn't need to reconnect back.

Because every query goes through one simple query from the proxy. Then the other way is IPv6 which still seems to be relatively untouched by the great firewall. So there are ways, you just need to know your way around them as always. It's really a cat and mouse game sometimes!

Best regards,

Riccardo Chiappa

A Chinese World Surrounded by VPN

If you have ever thought about circumvention in regards of the great firewall of China.

undefinedThen you have heard of VPN. In fact, a lot of expats that live in China have their lives surrounded by it. It's not just a way to access Facebook, it's also a way to make your internet faster because you want to access a lot of sites overseas.

The usual route is Hong Kong. In fact, even at times it's faster to access websites inside mainland China through a Hong Kong VPN. The reason to all this, is that Chinese are crazy about the internet, yet they lack proper infrastructure.

In other words, the internet scene is way too crowded. And it's because of the Chinese that there are not enough IPv4 addresses. Makes you think!

A warm hello from China,

Riccardo Chiappa

From Behind and Beyond The Great Wall

As someone who uses the internet, constantly!

undefinedAt times, it can be nerve wrecking to use it inside the Chinese mainland. It has been and continues to be, a constant fight. But once you get good at it, you start to find you way around and master the art of using the internet in China. As someone who loves to travel, and broaden the mind through exploring oneself as well as free information it is quite interesting that I reside in China.

While I love the country, sometimes I do need a break. In a country where internet is free and fast. But this is about my journey through the vast and complicated internet jungle in China. As well as my life, that has been intertwined with it. Stay tuned folks, this should be interesting!

Riccardo Chiappa

Please enjoy the website and don't hesitate to leave comments if you have any questions about the Great Firewall of China, or just China in general.

Thank you.

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