Great Chinese Firewall From Beijing, China

About the Author

Hello everyone, it's Riccardo here. A permanent resident in Beijing, but originating from Verona, Italy. In the shadows of the great republic of China. Living here has been a battle over knowledge and control on ones life. Despite the difficulties I would not have missed it for a second and each day is a rewarding experience. In modern times, China has become perhaps the most important player of world economics and I have chosen to live right in the centre of it all.

Working freelance with various kinds of web projects, I have mastered the internet use in China. Which is an overcrowded, restricted and complex place to be in. Having overcome many difficulties and carrying the knowledge of a wise old elephant.. I have decided to take on the challenge of blogging about it.

Hopefully it will take fruit and create a beneficial environment for up to date information on internet use in China, as well as the profound effects it has on a global scale. From jumping the great firewall of China, to everything related to living here from a "geeky" perspective.


Have a good one!

Yours sincerely,

Riccardo Chiappa

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