Freedom is a natural state for all of us human beings, at least that is the underlying notion that I would hold on to while thinking about how to control the population. Only a government that takes this into account can be successful in manipulation and other techniques. Often enough, people don't realise that they are free even though it is right around the corner. My recent visit to the marvelous Golden Mask Dynasty in Beijing, really got me into thinking about the flip side of the coin.

undefinedThis show, which is shown daily at the OCT Theatre at 5:30PM. Which btw, is a performance that I would highly recommend to anyone. Especially if you are not that much into the acrobatics, this will surely satisfy even the toughest crowd. You might want to skip the Beijing Happy Valley, which can be fun too but not necessary at all. The highlight of the Beijing Nightlife is definitely the Golden Mask story which highlights a story of struggle, freedom and everything you could expect from an ancient Chinese tale. Which up to a degree is even a real story, at least I was really amazed by the skill and precision that was put into the whole act.

Anyway, what got me thinking is how at least for me personally.. watching the show and going deep in to the magical dynasty just made me feel free. When I left the theatre, I was filled with energy and power to do anything I wanted. This effect lasted for the whole day, making a hugely inspired time for writing and other inspirational work. Surely, if the Chinese government would know that their "firewall" is being passed by this awesome production, they would probably ban it. At least this was my first thought. But it's just not the whole issue, in fact, it is better to give people the feeling of freedom and enjoyinment.. because that is the moment that they wont complain and will be more subject to other rules and regulations that can restrict their lives. Such as the very Great Firewall of China which has become a symbol of control over the land.

When you look at the ordinary lives of the Chinese, they seem very relaxed and having fun going about their lives. Just like in the west, I don't think they are any less or more free than in the United States for example. Techniques are just the same, and while a performance such as this can be as amazing.. it does have it's flip side of the coin. Enjoy, but never loose the ability to be aware of what is really happening.

Lastly, all I can say is.. go and visit the Golden Mask Dynasty Show. Perhaps watch the Show Trailer beforehand. You will not regret it as it is an absolutely fantastic and thrilling show. Plus remember to book advanced discount tickets before you go!