The internet is a constany battle in China and sometimes you just need ways to loosen up, and do something fun. Living Beijing is also sometimes hard on you, with all the polution and busy city life around you. That's why in contrast to the hard city-realities, the Chinese have been pretty inventive with ways to unwind. Many of which come in the form of performing arts, where one of our favorites is Chinese acrobatics. And that's exactly what we went out to do, just to get our minds of the buzz with our heads flicking like broken monitors at this stage of our geeky lives. When looking for an amazing acrobatic performance in Beijing, there is only one place that you need to know which is the Chaoyang Theatre "exquisite". A lot of fun not just for kids, but playful adults like us.

undefinedWatching the most amazing feats you can probably see anywhere is a privlidge of those living in the city. Obviously there are flocks of tourists coming from all over the world to see this. But for us, it's just a good walk away or a metro ride from downtown Beijing. Which is something that doesn't make the experience any less as the thrill just flows through your vains as you watch Chinese tradion taken to the level of perfectionism that is hard to describe in words. Indeed, whenever we get together with a bunch of first timers, it's Chaoyang Theatre that is high on our list of things to do. Besides eating and drinking, we just couldn't think of a better past time. Even though they have performances daily, with discount ticket booking that will knock your socks off.. it's better to go there a few times a year to keep it precious.

Nowadays, one of the biggest pleasures is just to see the faces of my friends light up when they first see the acrobatic show. This time, a good friend of mine from 'greatfire', was coming to say hi and I was just astonished that he had never been there. Being a Beijinger without this knowledge of how thrilling Chinese acrobatics can be is a shame. Which we soon corrected after knocking out a few pints at the beer street in Sanglitun.

This is a place where the great firewall wont tuch us and you can scream out loud pretty much without limits. Unlike our daily lives of battling with the internet, it's really a freedom-trip to a high place called crazy acrobatics. I guess those two words would describe the whole thing at it's best. With or with you, the show must go on. Visit the Chaoyang district and get of at the Huijalou station to get up and close with the Chaoyang acrobatics. I am telling you guys, theatre doesn't get better than this and it really helps you to forget about computers for a day or two. Now suffering the consequences of extreme fun, eating, drinking and the performing arts. And me and my buddy are not regretting one bit.

See you soon with more geeky stuff.

Riccardo Chiappa