Being stranded off in another country such as China, one sometimes has the cravings for all kinds of US stuff. Thus wanting to download some favourite movies and TV shows from iTunes I bumped into a rather nasty wall. No, this actually had nothing to do with the great wall of China. But instead, an economic policy that restricts content being sold through the internet. Thus the trusty iTunes store stopped me saying that I could now download or buy, because I was not located in the United States of America, USA.

undefinedSeems I am not the only one and soon found a great blog post on how to purchase US iTunes content abroad. Works for any country, from UK, Canada, Australia, India, France, Germany, South American countries you name it. There was a few extra dollars involved, because you had to go around an ebay seller for buying US gift vouchers for the store. Anyway, it seems that this restriction is quite difficult to impose and going around it was easier than going around the Chinese firewall.

I would like to know how many people are doing this, but even if there are restrictions, I'm sure it won't hurt Apple who will only profit from this. Am I not right? So, America and the might of Macintosh has showed as again that it is not only the Great Chinese who can build great restrictions for internet users. Oh well, I am off to watching my US movies. Buhahah. Please note: Try any of this with your own risk. Bye!

Riccardo Chiappa