Happy year of the Goat/Sheep according to the Chinese calendar! It's been a thrilling ride for the past year, seeing how the internet has become so huge, yet at the same time more restricted than ever before. We saw banks being blocked because of a paranoid government trying to block mirror sites to services like BBC news. It's just an incredible situation that makes you ask one very important question..

undefinedIs the Chinese government in panic or just business as usual? I believe that the year 2015 will be crucial in teaching us the answer to this question that everyone is dying to know. Of course, you have to understand that the policies that China is very strict on.. have prevented the collapse of the Peoples Republic of China.

Something that would have happened without human intervention. The country would have grouped into smaller countries a long time ago, with it's rich diversity in culture and languages.. no wonder.

So while it is obvious that this is something that the government is blocking every day of the year. Is it really something that they fear for.. or are things going their natural path. It's going to be an exciting one... that I am so much looking forward to. I will keep you updated on the latest improvements of the Chinese Firewall so stick around folks.

Happy new year folks.

Riccardo Chiappa