It's the so fun time of the year, when the great heads of the Chinese leadership get together and ponder about the future of the country. Known as the China's National People's Congress meeting, this year in 2015 has set out to eradicate corruption amongst many other important political issues.

undefinedWhile China ha set it's economic growth target to an all time low, at 7 per cent this year... it's great firewall defence has not seen any dicline in it's operations. Quite the opposite, at this time of the year the geeks who are watching over the internet in mainland China, are at their most alert. Any slip of information might cause an oversight of tremendous... hey, wait a minute.

It's like sometimes you think, that it's not just you but also those very congress people who don't know what they are trying to protect themselves from. Indeed, you could say that there is just fresh paranoia in the air. Well, we definitely need to loosen things up so that these meetings would be a little bit more relaxed. Don't you think.

It's going to be a week long fun of VPN blocking amongst other things.. so one can only expect a rocky ride for the internet life during this time. Hang on there buddy, China that is because these kinds of blocks are not always good for the 7% if you know what I mean.

Caring regards,

Riccardo Chiappa