Without a doubt, China is not a country that is easily understood. Of course, those who think that they know what communism is claim that they understand the country. But of course, it is far more complex than that. Just like democracy is different in all the parts of the world, which is another well misunderstood concept. However, what makes China go top to the level of "misunderstanding", is the secrecy that is going behind the wall.

undefinedBut for those, who can speak the language and go into the underworld can start to learn a lot of things about the workings of the nation. It is much more than some communistic country, it's a political mess at times or a brilliantly orchestrated masterpiece of mind control. Something between the two is probably along the lines of a make shift truth.

Then again what's to be understood that democracy is pretty much the same in terms of secrecy, just that everyone seems to be ignoring the facts. Putting the light on the Chinese great firewall and other "questionable" policies in the country, helps democratic nations to divert unwanted attention from their unethical practises. So in some ways, China is no different from western countries and the similarities are becoming more and more as we go on. It's a weird thing to think about, but it's like we are shifting between the two.

The west becoming more like the east, and the east becoming the west. And how the great firewall of china works in all this, is absolutely crutial. Making the topic of this blog one of the biggest debates in the modern world that's to be well dominated by the Chinese.

Riccardo Chiappa